Reflections on the JAWS PANKRATION 2021 Jingle

About the JAWS PANKRATION 2021 ~Up till Down~ Jingle

Reflections on the JAWS PANKRATION 2021 Jingle

Reflections on the JAWS PANKRATION 2021 Jingle

Hi everyone! I'm Michael Tedder, a member of the JAWS PANKRATION 2021 organizing team, and in charge of the direction of the jingle production.

The jingle for this event was created by, who we've worked together with in past JAWS-UG events such as JAWS DAYS 2021 and JAWS SONIC 2020.

When you hear the word "PANKRATION", what kind of image appears in your mind?
Pankration was one of the martial arts events that mixed both boxing and wrestling at the ancient Olympic Games in Greece.

Since we are focused on a sports theme, a male DJ with a low-pitched voice was ideal, and after listening to the DJ voice samples, it was clear that Jim was the best choice. (In case if you are wondering: the above picture is not Jim. :) )

However, it did take me some time to figure out what it was that I wanted to have Jim to say. We obviously wanted to keep our image of sports, but how on earth does AWS fit in with that?

I remembered back to the late 90's when I was still in college and I'd listen to the radio in my car. The DJ announcements back then had both power and impact, and putting together the right combination of "24 hours a day", "around the world", "AWS sessions" ended up working out perfectly.

We placed the order, and a few days later the jingle arrived. I go to play it, and am absolutely blown away by how incredibly well done it is!

And in just two more days, you'll be able to hear it too! So if you haven't registered for JAWS PANKRATION 2021 yet, do it RIGHT NOW!!

See you at the event!