Infrastructure as Real Code for Serverless use case

2021-11-20 18:40 ~ 2021-11-20 19:00

Why do you still writing YAML files of 2000+ lines for serverless apps in 2021? In this talk, I will show the benefits of using CDK. One can use it to provision Lambda functions, API Gateway, and DynamoDB without the pain of counting tabs and simple conditioning for various environments. Increased developer productivity is guaranteed after writing your infrastructure and implementation code with the same programming language.

Igor Soroka

UserGroup: AWS User Group Finland
I am a software freelancer working with AWS, serverless and IaC for the last couple of years. My background includes experience with companies of various sizes. I value collaboration with a focus on innovations in the software development process.
My achievements so far:
- AWS Community Builder
- AWS Solutions Architect Associate
Applicable AWS Certification Program
  • AWS Community Builder