Serverless Integration, Zero Code

2021-11-21 08:00 ~ 2021-11-21 08:20

Sending data to an SQS via API gateway is an easy solution with the Serverless Framework and Lambda code, but how does it work when we remove the Lambda?

Inspired by Farrah Campbell and Ben Kehoe after watching their presentations around the Serverless Mindset, I recently wrote about Serverless Integration, Zero Code" and wanted to explore Lambda-less Serverless!
Its Serverless but not as we know it, a technical dive into the Native Service integrations of AWS API Gateway. Learn how the API gateway processes requests and understand how we can configure native integrations using the console and the Serverless Framework!”

Michael Walmsley

I am a Cloud Native Achitect and Serverless Evangelist within the myWizard AIOps product team at Accenture. I am a Serverless AWS Community Builder based in Melbourne, Australia. I love all things Serverless and can be found talking about the AWS Lambda Powertools project all the time! When not coding or talking about powertools, I am exploring the AWS Service catalog for the perfect Lambda-less Solution!
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  • AWS Community Builder