Use AWS Lambda to create/update your own Spotify playlists and music analytics.

2021-11-21 06:00 ~ 2021-11-21 06:20

Music is something we all enjoy. The VHS, DVD and CD era has gone to dust and it's all streaming platforms being the giants in music industry. For example, Spotify will suggest you a few playlists based on your listening history/activity/behavior, But sometimes I wanted to create my own music. The best example I can give you is; I'm really into 1980's music. So I wanted to extract the data tagged as 80's and sort everthing by popularity and slice the dataset to X amount of rows (ie.100) and create my own playlist.

I was able to automate this to run on every weekend at 4am so my playlist is updated every week. I used Lambda/AWS Event Bridge/ S3 and Redshift to house all the data as a datawarehouse

Dilan Jayasekara

Hi! I'm Dilan, working as a Data Engineer at Pitcher Partners, Melbourne, AU. Technology-wise, I'm passionate about software design/development and data analytical perspective pieces of works. I'm keen on exploring new topics and the latest trends in technology and always on the mindset to do "something new" by putting the "full stop" to old-fashioned technical practices.

Off work - Growing up a heavy metal fan in the Sri Lankan rock economy, I always had a passion for music and with the skillset, I carry now, I'm keen to identify and extract hidden stories behind music using data analytics. I started working closely with Sri Lanka's leading record label Serandip Records, and during early 2021, Founded Cestine Music Analytics where we believe "Music is not Instruments anymore"!
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