Bringing software development practices to your infrastructure

2021-11-21 01:40 ~ 2021-11-21 02:00

The cloud makes it easier and quicker to provision infrastructure at scale, but there is added complexity with that scale. By bringing practices from software development like test driven development, automated testing, and continuous integration/deployment
to manage complexity at each stage of the pipeline, you can build and manage your cloud resources more effectively, consistently, and more securely.

Jenna Pederson

Country:United States/アメリカ
Jenna Pederson is a software engineer turned Developer Advocate for Amazon Web Services. She spends her time in Node, Javascript, Rails, and Ruby and has been a full-stack developer since before it was fashionable. Jenna works to empower developers with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to bring their idea to life through technology. She is a community builder at heart and is passionate about making space for more underrepresented folks in tech and entrepreneurship to come as their full selves.