AWS Fargate instead of Amazon EC2 instances for one-off tasks

2021-11-20 23:00 ~ 2021-11-20 23:20

As an operational engineer, we need to do several ad-hoc tasks such as AWS RDS backup exports. It is still common to see people spinning up an AWS EC2 instance and keeping it running all time to run ad hoc scripts, even when the scripts are run for short time. In this talk I talk about the Serverless approach to ad hoc scripts/tasks by using AWS Fargate as a task runner.
In the talk, I show some sample code for building and deploying AWS Fargate using CDK. Viewers can implement the same process to run virtually task, and be charged only for the time it took to complete the task rather than to have an EC2 instance running all the time. The code is also published online and can be cloned from

Sathyajith Bhat

Sathyajith Bhat is part of Adobe API Platform SRE team. Sathyajith is the author of Practical Docker, co-author of The CDK Book, and has been recognized as an AWS Community Hero.

Sathyajith has over 15 years of experience in Dev/Ops/System Architecture/Performance Tuning/Infra setup/DBA/Data Conversion/Observability on bare metal/virtualized machines/Xen/Cloud, including AWS & Azure.

In his free time, Sathyajith is a co-organizer for the Bangalore AWS User Group, a gamer and occasionally livestreams gaming and coding.
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