Privacy Policy

Any and all personal information provided by you when registering for or participating in JAWS PANKRATION 2021 (organized by JAWS-UG, supported and sponsored by Amazon Web Services Japan) will be handled according to the policy detailed below.

Usage of Personal Information

Your personal information will be collected and used only to the extent necessary to achieve the following purposes:

  • Confirmation of participation in JAWS PANKRATION 2021 and distribution of information related to the event,
  • Announcements on study sessions and events sponsored or co-sponsored by JAWS-UG,
  • Collection and analysis of survey results.

Transmission of Personal Information to Third Parties

Your personal information will not be provided or disclosed to any third party other than JAWS-UG and Amazon Web Services Japan, without your express prior permission, except in the following cases:

  • You have already provided your consent,
  • When it is necessary to disclose in accordance with law enforcement,
  • When necessary to protect human life or property.

Photo and Video Release

By registering for this event, you consent to the photographing of yourself (if online, this includes any video streams which includes any camera, or video transmitted by you, or your avatar/photo in a public online space) and the recording of your voice, and the usage of these photographs and/or recordings by themselves or in conjunction with other photographs and/or recordings for advertising, publicity, or other purposes by JAWS-UG. You understand that the term “photograph” as used herein encompasses both still photographs and motion picture footage.


For any inquiries regarding the use or handling of your personal information, please contact us at the following address:

Please note that we are volunteers, and we will make a best effort to respond as soon as possible.

How to Participate / Rules and Manners

Those who participate in this event are requested to act in accordance with the following rules and manners as established by JAWS-UG:

  • Connect with other colleagues and community members around the world. It is inappropriate to make any expressions or remarks against anyone based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, physical characteristics, appearance, politics, or religion (or non-religion).
  • Your creative and positive remarks will make the event more enjoyable. If you have any doubts or opinions about the person presenting or asking questions, try to make a positive statement with a suggestion and problem-solving attitude rather than criticism or mockery.
  • All events are run by volunteers for non-commercial purposes and are always in need of your help. If you should notice anything that could be improved, we would appreciate the extra assistance.
  • We believe that gaining the trust of society through our contributions to the community will overall lead to better business, and an improved workstyle.
  • JAWS-UG is strictly “No sell, No job”. Please refrain from participating for the sole purpose of advertising, recruitment, or networking activities which are unrelated to the purpose of the event.