The sessions recommended by Oda from the JAWS-UG Beginners Branch.

The sessions recommended by Oda from the JAWS-UG Beginners Branch.

Recommended sessions from Oda, Beginners Branch

One day left by the festival.

Hello, everyone! I am Oda from Beginners Branch.
This is the day before the 24 hours event that JAWS-UG will held for the 2nd time.

Looking backwards, the kickoff of this event was 19th June. Thinking about 21th November, the end of the event, it will be the compilation of 155 days. The participants may feel 24 hours is too long, but from my point of view, I felt that it is only 24 hours to show the result of 155 days of work.

For those who are beginners or hesitate to participate.

Here are points that people who participates for the 1st time or hesitates to participate.

■ Must keep participating 24 hours?

No way. You can watch the sessions you like. As the single session takes 15 minutes short, please chose the theme that you have interest from the TimeTable.

■ Mostly English sessions?

Both English and Japanese will be displayed during the sessions.
Japanese speakers make presentation in Japanese and foreign speakers make presentation in English and the spoken words will show like subtitles of the movie. The image is like this.

■ The 3 sessions Oda recommends.

・Tips on how to learn AWS certificate. Harunobu Kameda
Mr. Kameda from AWSJ talks 'Tips on how to learn AWS certificate.'
Operation is interesting but also this is the best for those who want to learn systematically!

・Amazon Rekognition: COVID-19 Edition AI/ML Computer Brooke Jamieson
Even if managing JAWS, it is difficult to verbalize "What is AI/ML? What is used for?" But I still recommend this is because this session would be shown us something new. She is talking a little about it on Twitter Please check it out.

・Create your personal" products with AWS Amplify" Kihara Takuya
This session will focus on Amplify, a service that allows you to create a website at the speed of light. Many developers are wondering, "What should I build? This session will help you solve this problem.


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