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JAWS-UG will hold a global exchange event!

JAWS-UG (AWS User Group - Japan) is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) user group with more than 70 chapters across Japan, where technical and human resource exchanges related to AWS are held on a weekly basis, contributing to the improvement of technical skills and business expansion of AWS users.

JAWS PANKRATION 2021 will be the second 24-hour online event hosted by JAWS-UG, and will be a different event from last year's JAWS SONIC 2020. Not only JAWS-UG chapters around the country, but also AWS users, AWS HEROes, and people within AWS from all over the world will be invited to participate in a variety of sessions, including AWS study group styles and stories about using AWS in various countries.

Although this is a rather experimental event organized mainly by the AWS user group in Japan, please enjoy this crazy event at any time of the day, which will bring you updates on AWS users around the world in a follow-the-sun format as the earth rotates.

Event Outline

Date and time::

  • JST(UTC+9):2021/11/20(Sat) 12:00 PM 〜 2021/11/21(Sun) 12:00 PM
  • UTC:2021/11/20(Sat) 3:00 AM 〜 2021/11/21(Sun) 3:00 AM
  • PST(UTC-8):2021/11/19(Fri) 7:00 PM 〜 2021/11/20(Sat) 7:00 PM

Location: Online

Organizer: JAWS-UG (AWS Users Group - Japan)

SNS: Twitter: jawsug, Facebook: jawsug

TwitterHashtag: #jawsug #jawspankration2021 #jawspankration

Event Registration: Click here to register for the event!

The theme of this event is 'Up till Down'.

In Japan, JAWS DAYS 2020, JAWS SONIC 2020, Shikoku Cloud Ohenro 2020, and JAWS DAYS 2021 have already been held as large-scale online events organized by JAWS-UG.

In recent years, we have been receiving more and more inquiries from other countries about JAWS-UG organized events and JAWS-UG's management style. 'Why is JAWS-UG willing to do such a hard event?'' We wonder why hehe. We believe in holding events because they are interesting and provide learning opportunities. So, although the purpose of this event is different from last year's JAWS SONIC 2020, we thought it would be possible to hold a 24-hour follow-the-sun style study session where we can share all kinds of knowledge with AWS users not only in Japan, but all over the world, and came up with the idea of JAWS PANKRATION. PANKRATION is a mixed martial art that took place at the Olympic Games in ancient Greece, and means 'all-out (or all-out power)' in Greek. The theme of this event is 'Up till Down' and we hope to have speakers from various countries.

JAWS PANKRATION is an event that involves AWS user groups around the world. 'Up till Down' expresses our desire for this to be an event where we can make a lot of noise and tension until we fall down and reach our limits. With JAWS-UG as the start (Up), we will pass around the world, connecting sessions and coming back to Japan (Down). I hope that everyone who shared the JAWS PANKRATION time will fall down with a smile on their face, and that this event will be a good opportunity for AWS user groups in each city to interact and do more interesting things.

JAWS PANKRATION 2021' is an online big event involving the whole world of AWS users and learners, where nearly 70 sessions will be held over a whole day, with speakers not only from Japan but also from other countries.

Please output your AWS knowledge to each other and wake up to the true power of AWS.

Organising Committee

  • Shun Yoshie

  • Takumi Abe

  • Takaaki Kishikawa

  • Shizuka Kishikawa

  • Shigeru Oda

  • Masaru Ogura

  • Ryohei Mizumoto

  • Kohei Otani

  • Kana Kitagawa

  • Tomoharu Ito

  • Masato Kitahara

  • Michael Tedder

  • Masanori Yamaguchi

  • Shigeru Numaguchi

  • Daisuke Yagi

  • Hidetoshi Matsui

  • Takeshi Furusato

  • Harunobu Kameda

  • Naoko Iwase